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Friday, August 22, 2014

Money Saving Tips: Must Buys in September

The ‘ber’ months are coming soon and with it comes the ultimate spending season; but do you know that you can still shop for great items and save money at the same time by purchasing wisely? Read our Must Buys in September list below and find out how to stretch your dollar further, plus have more reasons to smile for the holidays too!

A New iPhone

Getting a new phone might seem like an unnecessary splurge but if you have been rooting for an iPhone for quite some time, then September might just be the right month for you.  Apple products are one of the must buys in September because new apple products are usually released on that month. This means that previous iPhone models would be a few hundred dollars cheaper in September as compared to buying the same for July or earlier in the year.

Pool Equipment and Summer Accessories

Consider buying your pool accessories and other summer necessities for the following year in September. Why? With summer transitioning into fall and stores gearing up for the holidays, merchants typically wants their shelves to be cleaned up of merchandise fast, and thus all things summer are often placed in sale bins or end of season deals.

Bicycles Galore

Do you have a child or a family member who would love to have a bike but the prices are too steep for you to buy one? If your answer is yes, then you might love the fact that bicycles are one of the buys in September items. With the bicycle-riding seasons of spring and summer coming to an end, store owners often want to avoid stashing this year’s bikes in their stores and storerooms , giving a clear opportunity for you to get your loved one that special two-wheeled gift for the holidays . The best part? Your child or loved one will be the first one to flaunt his or her new bike by next spring, thanks to your smart spending!

Blue Jeans

If there is a poll for which item would be number 1 in the list of must buys in September items, it would be blue jeans or denims. Not only will buying denim in September save you some of your hard earned cash, you actually have to get some in preparation for the cold weather ahead so it’s actually a necessity. With the need for denim rising up, the prices often go down as store owners compete with each other to corner the market’s demand.

All Things Outdoors

All typical summer items go on sale in September because stores want to have space for more merchandise for the upcoming holidays. Lucky for you, this would also be the time to find gardening supplies, patio furniture and even lawnmowers and grills at insane prices.

Gifts for the Holidays

Save your wallet from having a heart attack a few months down the road by doing some early Yule-season shopping. Great deal alert: If you have plenty of males in your family, manly things are usually on sale in September so go ahead and do some smart spending and holiday shopping!

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