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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The 10 Reasons to Swap Your Lipstick | Book Review | DIY Beauty

the 10 reasons to swap your lipstickI seldom write or care about beauty products or anything along that lines but I have recently come across a highly recommended book by an Australian author. This is not an average 'beauty book', because it talks about issues in the beauty and cosmetics industry and yet still maintains a very positive and informative tone so I guess this book review won't be boring either. 

First of all, I love DIYs and of course, just like any average female, I also enjoy making myself look nice, which are the first reasons why I've read this book. However, more than that, I am a nurse and I am passionate about health and education. Gee, I'm really bad when making introductions haha! Anyway, without further ado, here is what I think about Lana's book:

Book Review : The 10 Reasons to Swap Your Lipstick - The Smart Woman's Guide to Better Lipstick Options

When was the last time that you have thought about the cosmetic products you’ve bought? Sure, you may like them or even love them, but how much do you know them? Are they indeed good for you?

Have you ever thought that there could be better cosmetic and lipstick options out there just waiting to be (re)discovered?

Of course we have different answers to this as every woman is different but we do have one thing in common; and that is we all love lipsticks!

You might be asking yourself, what can you get from reading the 10 Reasons to Swap Your Lipstick besides being empowered to make better lipstick choices?

The answer to that is: A lot.

With this book, you will be taken into a journey beginning with an introduction to the most popular and perhaps the oldest cosmetic product of all time – the lipstick!

From being introduced to fun lipstick trivia including the ins and outs of why we love lipsticks, the book will talk about what your lipstick is made out of and what ingredients you absolutely need to know about; hence, giving you potentially life-saving information in the long run.

Once you know how what lurks in your lipstick, the book will tackle the 10 Reasons to Swap Your Lipstick by giving you well-researched and current information on the top reasons why switching your lipstick is a great idea. You will learn more than just cosmetics and realize just how much lipstick plays a role in your everyday life; from personal beauty treats, local issues, and even worldwide and historical reasons.

The book is more than just convincing you to swap your lipstick or to create your cosmetics your own way. It is actually about educating readers about smarter lipstick and cosmetic choices but there’s more! Yes, more!

The book The 10 Reasons to Swap Your Lipstick, features a full section on the history of lipstick, dating back from thousands of years ago to modern times. It talks about our feminine heritage and how we used to make our own lipsticks.

There is also a bonus section on how to create your own lipstick discussing the best lipstick ingredients and how to pick the best colour tones for your skin tone and hair colour. To top all of that, also included are 5 super easy to follow DIY lipstick recipes for every skin shade and mood.

Although the book is primarily about swapping your lipstick, The 10 Reasons to Swap Your Lipstick’s main goal is to educate Australian women (actually, everyone!) that they do have a choice and that they deserve the best in terms of healthy and safe cosmetics. In view of this, the last section of the book focuses on education and the future of cosmetics wherein a glossary of harmful cosmetic ingredients is presented along with information regarding the products on which they are most likely to be found.

As a closing piece, the book talks about an educated future wherein the use of cosmetics such as lipstick is governed by sound choices made by informed and empowered individuals who cares about their safety and health.

What are you waiting for? Care to hop along this exciting and beautiful lipstick journey? Pick a copy of The 10 Reasons to Swap Your Lipstick and know what it takes to make smarter and better choices regarding lipstick options. Cheers to being beautifully healthy!

Just in case you're from Australia, here is a link to the Author's store: Create Your Cosmetics

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