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Friday, August 16, 2013

How to Turn Tuna Cans into Cute Knick Knack Organizer by PinkGingerSnaps

Here is a tuna cans recycling project which  I came up with  :) 

My pets goes through tuna like there's no tomorrow, so I have tons of tuna cans and I was thinking of a way to recycle them..

recycling tuna cans

How to Turn Tuna Cans into Cute Knick Knack Organizer


  • Clean tuna cans
  • Wrapping paper with cute prints
  • White school glue/elmer’s glue
  • Raffia/ribbon in a color that complements the papers


Step 1 : Gather the materials

Step 2 : It is better to use tuna cans with bottoms that looks like this, it makes them perfectly stackable! :)

Step 3 : Measure the height of your tuna cans using your ruler

Step 4 : Use the measurement you got to determine what width of paper you must cut off from your roll of wrapping paper. I got 4 centimeters, so I added 1 centimeter to it and marked my paper at 5 centimeters. The 1 centimeter is for the fold we will do later.

Step 5 : Here is the paper all marked up.

Step 6 : Cut the paper

Step 7 : Estimate what length of paper you need to wrap around the can by wrapping it loosely around the can and using that as an estimate where you need to cut off the excess.

Step 8 : Fold about 0.5 centimeter on both sides along the length of the paper. This would ensure that the sides would be crisp and clean plus nice to look at! :)

Step 9 : Turn it over. Looking nice! Now repeat steps 4-9 until you have enough to use as cover for your cans.

Step 10 : Here is the gang, ready to use as cover!

Step 11 : Turn the paper strip over and slather some of the white glue on it, don’t worry too much if it smudges on the sides since white glue (like Elmer’s glue) dries clear.

Step 12 : Wrap the paper strip around the can, like so.

Step 13 : All wrapped up! Let it dry for 15-30 minutes. Repeat steps 11 and 12 with as many cans as you want.

Step 14 : Get your raffia and estimate how much you need to wrap around the can and also to form a small bow.

Step 15 : Wrap the raffia around the can and form a bow, looking cute already! Repeat steps 14 and 15 with as many cans as you want.

Step 16 : Voila! Here they are all stacked up! :)

Step 17 : Enjoy your new cute-ified tuna cans. Hope you enjoyed viewing this guide. :)

Do you have tuna cans recycling ideas too? Do let me know!

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