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Thursday, August 8, 2013

How to Revamp a Brown Craft Box for Lovely Storage by PinkGingerSnaps

recycling craft box

Another one of my guides posted at :) Enjoy! :)

So I have a box, it was plain and I wanted it to look prettier and more decorative, and here is what I came up with :)




  • Brown craft box (can be found in any craft store or gift store in a variety of shapes and sizes)
  • Poster paint (I chose the gold coloured, water-based, non-toxic variety, so that smudges will be easy to clean)
  • Fabric paint pens in multiple colours (or coloured glue will work just fine as well, as well as glitter glue)


Brush and anything you can put the paint in

craft box recycling by PinkGingerSnaps

Step 1 : Gather the materials

Step 2 : Place some of your poster paint (I chose one in gold) in your bowl/container and mix it up with your brush to ensure its paintable/spreadable in consistency.

Step 3 : Begin my painting the top part of your box, making sure that the paint is evenly applied, more so if your color choice is less shimmery.

Step 4 : Paint the top bottom part of your box as well, let dry completely. Since I used poster color, it was dry to the touch in 15 minutes. The drying time may vary depending on humidity and type of paint you used.

Step 5 : Paint the sides of both the bottom and top part of your box, making sure not to get too much on your hands (As you can see, I did not succeed in that part but hooray because I used a perfectly washable poster paint)

Step 6 : Let dry for around 30 minutes until perfectly dry. This step is crucial and you must ensure that the paint is really dry for the next step or else the fabric paint might smudge.

Step 7 : Draw designs on the side of your box’s lid using your fabric paint pens or coloured glue. The ones that I have come with an applicator tip, just like what you see on elmer’s glue.

Step 8 : Allow to dry for a bit and take a look at it to plan what else you can draw on it.

Step 9 : Work on the main box, allow ample time before adding design elements.

Step 10 : Here I was letting it dry. Looks like it needs more color on it to make it look more interesting.

Step 11 : I added some dots and it started to look like a mini cake, it’s cute!

Step 12 : I decided to write a word on the lid, you can chose to draw something or write your name on it as well. I named it for my dog :) Plan out the placement to ensure you got adequate space, I decided to wing it.

Step 13 : There it is! Looking nice already. Let dry

Step 14 : I decided to add some more drawings on it so the color palette would be the same all throughout. Let dry. 

Step 15 : Enjoy your revamped brown kraft box! You can use it to hold souvenirs, knick-knacks, or as a personalized gift box!

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